His portfolio reflects years consumed with trekking the globe, but photographer Jauder Ho only rediscovered his love for the art several years ago. Taking advantage of an opportunity for a vacation for the first time in over a decade, Jauder Ho ended up taking a trip to Japan including a trek up Mount Fuji. That followed by the road trip of a lifetime driving from California to Michigan had a profound effect on how he perceives the world. Since then, Jauder Ho has seen the world shot by shot, each one serving as a reminder of changing moments in time. In his portfolio, Jauder Ho juxtaposes long shots of beautiful scenery with pictures focused on details that explain more to the story. Jauder Ho takes portraits that describe the feelings of his subjects and reflect his ability to arouse emotions from the viewer. Combining technical skills acquired from photography training with the talent it takes to see life on film, Jauder Ho has created a body of work that reflects the world both great and small. In the slideshow, you will see selected shots culled from an image library spanning almost 40,000 images. Please contact Jauder Ho if you are interested in licensing.